Guangzhou INEO Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou INEO Kitchen Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Production ProcessWelcome to INEO
Guangdong INEO Commercial Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional one-stop supplier of commercial kitchen equipment. The company is located in Guangdong, the area of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, which has the most developed manufacturing industry in China. Most of the Chinese high-class commercial kitchen equipment producers are located in this area. Purchasing in Guangdong helps reduce costs on stock and transportation, due to the very developed aero amphibious transportation in Guangdong. INEO has been focusing on kitchen equipment for many years; therefore we have collected abundant experience. We are capable of providing you with large commercial kitchen equipment , such as cooking equipment, smoke exhausting facility, food mixers, food processing machines, dishwashers, refrigeration equipment, stainless steel products ( such as work bench, shelves, sinks etc.). We can also provide small facilities used in the front of house, like tables, chairs, ceramics, glass products, cash registers and so on. Important kitchen implements, like cooking equipment, s. s. products, refrigeration equipment, and especially s. s. products, refrigeration equipment, can all be custom made. Since we deeply understand the importance of the items, we take many aspects into account, for example, the practical applicability, the quality stability and low repair rate. We put our best efforts on choosing raw materials, checking products during producing and testing finished products before they leave the factories. We guarantee the quality of our products and we lower our cost as much as possible, which makes our price setting superior to others. Most of our products have relative certification. For instance, CE, ROHS, UL and so forth. Guangdong GFD Commercial Technology Co., Ltd was formerly known as Guangzhou INEO Kitchen Equipment Co.,Ltd ,located in Foshan, Guangdong, the South of China, has two major brands, INEO and GFD. INEO began in 2008 and has been developed for 14 years. We have become one of the largest suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment in China. Our products have been exported to 148 countries and have successfully completed more than 2,500 projects, such as world-renowned hotel chains such as Sheraton, Hilton, Crown Plaza, etc., as well as some international organizations and well-known enterprises, such as the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, the Bangladesh Air Force, Mobil Petroleum, Sinopec, etc., which are all our cooperation partners. In addition to North America and Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, developing countries such as Africa also recognize our products very high.Our factory mainly focus on cooking equipment, refrigerated equipment and stainless steel products, have more than 220 workers and staffs, including R&D department, Quality Control Department, Production Department, Sales engineer team (including design, procurement, quality inspection, logistics, installation, commissioning, after-sales, etc.) There are total 12 production lines in our factories, which are strictly in accordance with the control requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system. From the incoming raw materials to the outgoing finished products, we have professional quality inspectors responsible for their own process and last process re-check.

Main Categories

1.Cooking Equipments
2) bakkerij Apparatuur
8.S/S Kitchen Furniture
4) koelkasten & Diepvriezers
US$ 299,00 - US$ 699,00/stuk
50.0 stukken(Min. Order)
US$ 68,00/eenheid
10.0 eenheden(Min. Order)

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